DIY Project: Decorative Candy Vases (for Parties)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I always have different size vases at home, they're perfect to make any type of arrangements. I created a few decorative candy vases for Sophia's party. It's quite easy and simple to make but adds a special touch to table and decor. Take a look:

Vases (3 in different sizes)
Wrapped candy
Shredded paper

Arrange the shredded paper until it reaches middle of the vase. Add the wrapped candy until it reaches the top. Wrap a colorful ribbon where the paper and candy meet.

And here's the final look at the party:

Happy Crafting!


championm2000 said...

Love! Love! Love! Can't wait to read the previous post about the party. My little girl loves Minnie Mouse!

These vases remind me of the centerpieces we did for the twins' party this year: mason jars filled with skittles and a number 2 candle. We then tied the balloon to the jar. Easy and cheap!

KERRY said...

You did a great job here Caroline!! What little girl wouldn't love all that pink and Minnie Mouse!!!

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