Right Now

Friday, January 13, 2012

I got this post idea from Lindsey:

Right now I am…

watching:  the only thing I watch regularly is the food network and the news, ever since "Lost" ended I never got hooked on another TV show. 

eating:  a piece of cake that I baked earlier today. Yummo!

drinking:  tons of water and plenty of orange juice. I'm quite addicted to orange juice right now but I'm sure this phase will pass soon.

wearing: black pants, orange top, white cami, my favorite beige cardigan and a pair of socks.

avoiding:  getting stressed and doing some heavy work since giving birth.

feeling: a bit tired and sleep deprived.

missing:  my regular schedule but hopefully soon I'll have things back on track.

thankful:  always! for everything, for every blessing and for every little thing. 

weather: around  24* right now, we got a little bit of snow last night. I can't wait for warm weather!

praying: about many things...my family, our church and God's direction in all things.

needing: a vacation! anyone with me on this?

thinking: hmmm...I'll keep this a secret. =]

loving: the family moments I get just watching my children. priceless.

and you?  what are you up to?

1 comment:

Misty said...

LOVE this! I am absolutely snagging it and doing it.

Amen about that vacation...

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