Playing Dress Up: Color & Stripes

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stripes, stripes, stripes!
 I love a striped shirt,
to me it has a classic feel and the best part is
that it can be worn all seasons because it's never out of style.

I also love skinny jeans,
and lately it seems that the trend is the colorful vibrant skinny. 
Just add a pair of flats, some jewelry and a shoulder bag,
and you're good to go!

A good combination: color + stripes = style

Color & Stripes


Cori said...

Great group of items!!

Stopping by from So Followed Saturday to follow your blog and congratulate you on being this weekend's Blog of the Week!!

Jen said...

Just became your latest follower from the blog hop. Great to "meet" you. ~ jen

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